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2015 Leaderboard


Riders must be full Alberta Horse Trials Association members for results to be on the AHTA Leaderboard.

Calculation of Points Table

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Tie Breaker Criteria
Should riders be tied for the top positions on the Leaderboard, the following is used as tie breaking criteria:

  1. The # of Alberta events at the level that is tied (more competitions was given the higher placing)
  2. The results of head-to-head competitions (eg. Rider A placed higher than Rider B at “x” number of events where they competed against each other)
  3. If still tied, look at the number of entries (eg. Number of competitors Rider beat to achieve their placing)

Updated as of October 7, 2015

** Numbers in (#) are Provincial Champion and Reserve Champion

Advanced and CIC*** / CCI*** / CCI****

Rider Horse Points

Intermediate and CCI** / CIC**

Rider Horse Points
Sarah Wilson Ovation W 64.0
Leah Breakey Master King II 61.0
Leah Breakey Master Plan 56.0
Amy West Whirlwind WF 45.0
Sandra Donnelly Belshazzar 14.0
Caroline Smith Lucas 14.0
Jessica Kerschbaumer Hard Sun 14.0
David Ziegler Critical Decision 11.0
Samantha Pritchard Ruby 7.0


Rider Horse Points
Shelby Brost Crimson 18.0
Caroline Smith Lucas 12.0
Jessica Kerschbaumer Hard Sun 8.0
Becky Farrell Gia 5.0
Shelby Brost Obie Hayv 5.0

Open Preliminary

Rider Horse Points
Aislyn Havell Queen of Keno 16.0 (1)
Noel Clark Ballymoor Lad 10.0
Becky Farrell Gia 9.0
Anne Sophie Levesque Eskapade 7.0
Sandra Donnelly Belshazzar 6.0
Renee Kalkman Amadeus V 6.0
Shelby Friesen Stormin' Norman 5.0 (2)
Allie Busch Zenari 4.5

Open Training

Rider Horse Points
Kristine Haut Reese Pak 10.5 (1)
Samantha Pritchard King's Landing 9.0 (2)
Sandra Donnelly Cutty Sark 6.0
Noel Clark Waiting For Wings 6.0
Laura Pauly Winston Higgins 6.0
Noel Clark A Whole Lotta Trouble 5.0
Amy West Irish 4.5
Katrina Holt Pippin 2.0

Regular Training

Rider Horse Points
Mikyla Schmidt Shotgun Express 25.0 (1)
Isabel Light Martini 11.0
Lindsey Stevenson Chivalry 11.0
Naomi Dell Aramis W 11.0
Mikayla Hoffman Heathcliff 10.0
Kianna Green Tango Papa 6.0
Rebecca Stevens Iron Will 5.5 (2)
Christina Spratlin Drambuie 5.0
Christie Lewington King's Ransom 4.0
Amy Busch Phillosopher 4.0
Kim Holt Sky Hawk 4.0
Julianne Kemper Covergirl 3.0

Open Pre-Training

Rider Horse Points
Audrey Van Leeuwen Tempest TM 16.5 (2)
Margo Gaglione Roullette 11.0
Becky Farrell McBean 9.0 (1)
Courtney Benton Lexus 9.0
Aislyn Havell Optimystical 7.0
Brittany Descotes Leragon 6.0
Kristine Haut Reese Pak 6.0
Rebecca David McIsaac Albany 6.0
Amy Busch Phillosopher 6.0
Abbey Busch Playboy 5.0
Sandra Donnelly Eridani 5.0
Tricia Dahms Bold Canyon 4.0
Krista MacPherson Sahara 6.0
Sam Hives Refined Vices 4.0

Regular Pre-Training

Rider Horse Points
Andrea Thornber Don of Time 21.0 (1)
Kolina Crowe Arik 20.0
Amberly Billings Rafael ES 18.0
Julie Simard Azarius 16.0
Kelly Stasiuk Versace 15.0 (2)
Julianne Kemper Cover Girl 10.0
Mary Busch Klondike Mike 10.0
Teagan Williams Partly Cloudy 6.0
Kim Holt Sky Hawk 6.0
Reagan Noyes Pine Sikanni Jinx 6.0
Krysta Goodkey Presence of Mine 6.0
Brooklyn Green Sierra-Lynn 5.0
Carolyn Stotts Cleopatra III 5.0
Karen Nyrop Someday 4.0
Hannah Sim This Is My Day 4.0
Tyra McCarthy RJ 4.0
Katherine Morel Kristopher Kool 3.0
Sara Skotarek Chief 3.0
Kelly Stasiuk Phlight of the Phoenix 3.0
Anna Rekrutiak Goodness Gracious 2.0
Burke Simpson Bling 2.0

Open Entry

Rider Horse Points
Myalee Evans WH Wisteria 16.0 (1)
Cathy Spicer Late Nite Cat 11.5 (2)
Katelyn Ziegler Tomgar Viscount 9.0
Lindsey Bannard Prima d'Arnold 8.0
Kayla Bushell Layla 6.0
Tricia Dahms Kristopher Kool 6.0
Laurie Powell AutoCorrect 5.0
Abbey Busch Playboy 5.0
Stephanie Jones Proximo 5.0
Brooke Thome T. W. Flawless 4.0
Kylee Haining Tiyoweh 4.0
Hannah Oro Count on Me 4.0
Tricia Dahms Final Coat 4.0
Kristin Halsey Pequena 3.0
Lindsey Stevenson Pharenhyte 2.5
Jessica Kerschbaumer Like a Girl 2.0

Regular Entry

Rider Horse Points
Kylie Strate Whiskey Whisper 21.0 (2)
Dania Halsey Roy Llewellyan 20.0
Jessica Meilleur A Midsummer Night's Dream 18.0 (1)
Erin Myles Spiderman 11.0
Melanie McJannet Let's Bounce 10.0
Kirsten Wallace Scooter 6.0
Sara Skotarek Chief 6.0
Gracie Kendall Bo's Tiger 6.0
Stephanie Strome Bella Radiancia 6.0
Ashley Nielsen Tribal Lodge 5.0
Hannah Leder Catching Fire 5.0
Teresa Marley Pedro 5.0
Alanna Bowie Oshianne 5.0
Debbie Adolphson Vintage SF 5.0
Melany Wurm Divina 5.0
Casey Cole Rosie 5.0
Robin Peterson Crignant Hawk 4.0
Carolyn Stotts Cleopatra III 4.0
Abby Menzies Jed 4.0
Carly Moore Unmissablef 4.0
Hunter Soderquist Hot Rod Lincoln 4.0
Keely Butts Marshal Gerry 4.0
Kevin Kupsch Casual Conduct 4.0
Tyja Kostynuk R J 3.0
Megan Yakiwchuk Devon Ridge Fairy Dust 3.0
Lakyn Montgomery Buffy 3.0
Christine Martinovich Arctic Fire 3.0
Abbey Alexander Henry Rex 3.0
Sarah Graham Last Shaded Moon 2.0
Taylor Fielding Miss Baxter 2.0

Open Pre-Entry

Rider Horse Points
Morgan Martin Alberta's Northern Lights 21.0 (1)
Katelyn Ziegler Boo 9.5(2)
Kevin Kupsch Casual Conduct 9.0
Brittany Descotes Latimer 6.0
Erica Ingraham Maker's Mark 6.0
Christel Maltby Akkiro 6.0
Shelby Dede Justifiably Jamie 5.0
Sarah Swart Doodle 5.0
Amy West Benjamin 4.0
Catherine David Rocky Mountain High 4.0
Donna White New Girl 2.5
Melissa Kieke Marked Target 2.5
Brooke Thome TW Flawless 2.0

Regular Pre-Entry

Rider Horse Points
Derek Jackson Cosmic 23.0
Hannah Hazen Breakout 21.5 (2)
Kelsey Bourgeois Lamora 21.0 (1)
Amy Prichard Gladys 14.0
Karen Tomlinson Regal Jewel 2 14.0
Calais Schneider Balmoral 10.0
Stephanie Strome Bella Radiancia 6.0
Regan Todd Lasso's Lucky Lilly 6.0
Mackenzie Hoffman Pee Wee 5.0
Jada Graham Wynnie 5.0
Lisa Johnson Abby 4.0
Megan Berg Cash 4.0
Morgan Hanson Leo 4.0
Michele King Wolf 3.0
Sarah Green Ailsa 3.0
Robin Marie Peterson Crignant Hawk 2.0


Rider Horse Points
Brooklyn Holt Gotta Lotta Glamour 9.0
Elle Rehmann Princess Buttercup 9.0 (1)
Neveah Heltman Lady - Bug 6.0
Kelsey Soldan Flowers Jest for U 6.0
Logan Johnson Strong to the Finish 5.0
Lauren Taylor Dexter 5.0
Kendyl Holt Clay 5.0
Salina Bailey Tartan Grey 5.0
Grace Herasymuik Spa Creek Casper 4.0
Joanne Cameron Devon Ridge Diva 4.0
Katie Axani Fiona 4.0
Sandy Wallin Diego 3.0
Morven Smith California Sunshine 3.0
Kianna Davidson Mr Kiwi 3.0
Paige Noelck Leaping Lizard 3.0
Danielle Learning Coffee and Baileys 3.0
Katie Schultz Gracie McFadden 2.5
Kaela Taylor Small Investment 2.5
Kelsey Hamer Mischa 2.5
Kendyl Holt In Awe 2.5
Laura-Gene Haga Shadowland 2.5
Declan Hutcheon Silver Sassy 2.5
Adam Johnson Captain 2.5 (2)
Heather Craig Boundary Creek 2.0
Hannah Jensen Ehken 2.0

Team Competition Results . . .