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2017 Leaderboard


Riders must be full Alberta Horse Trials Association members for results to be on the AHTA Leaderboard.

Calculation of Points Table

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Tie Breaker Criteria
Should riders be tied for the top positions on the Leaderboard, the following is used as tie breaking criteria:

  1. The # of Alberta events at the level that is tied (more competitions was given the higher placing)
  2. The results of head-to-head competitions (eg. Rider A placed higher than Rider B at “x” number of events where they competed against each other)
  3. If still tied, look at the number of entries (eg. Number of competitors Rider beat to achieve their placing)

** Numbers in (#) are Provincial Champion and Reserve Champion


Updated as of July 11, 2017

Advanced and CIC*** / CCI*** / CCI****

Rider Horse Points

Intermediate and CCI** / CIC**

Rider Horse Points


Rider Horse Points

Alberta Open Preliminary / Prelim-Int

Rider Horse Points
Julianne Kemper CoverGirl 5.0
Leah Breakey Master King II 3.0
Samantha Pritchard Eridani 5.5
Samantha Pritchard King's Landing 2.5
Coreena Koschewski After Dark 2.5
Shelby Friesen Stormin' Norman 2.0
Sara Zulyniak Scarlet 2.0

Open Training

Rider Horse Points
Allie Busch Zenari 5.0
Amy West My Boy Ben 3.0
Matthew Vinden Tomgar Viscount 3.0
Andrea Thornber Don Of Time 2.5
Katharine Morel Kristopher Kool 2.0
Noel Clark Waiting For Wings 2.0

Regular Training

Rider Horse Points
Anna Rekrutiak Lady Antebellum 12.0
Kylie Strate Whiskey Whisper 6.0
Morven Smith California Sunshine 6.0
Alanna Bowie Oshianne 5.0
Kelly Stasiuk Countdown at Cape 5.0
Kendyl Holt Sky Hawk 5.0
Karen Nyrop Someday 4.0
Ayn Greilach Great Guns 3.0

Open Pre-Training

Rider Horse Points
Becky Staden Belleza 9.0
Kayla Bushell Redemption 6.0
Brooklyn Green Tango Papa 6.0
Kayla Bushell Redemption 6.0
Katharine Morel Kerry On 5.0
Heather David Rocky Mountain Strong 4.0
Brittany Rose Blonde N Racey 3.0
Mikayla Hoffman Eli 2.5
Mary Sands Ultra 2.0

Regular Pre-Training

Rider Horse Points
Taiya White Spring Fling 15.0
Kendyl Holt Sky Hawk 12.0
Stephanie Stafford House Mouse 11.0
Gracie Kendall Bo's Tigar 10.0
Hannah MacKinnon Ted 6.0
Shawna Nevdoff Milly 6.0
Carolyn Stotts Cleopatra III 5.0
Charlene Barry West Point 5.0
Dania Halsey Roy Llewellyan 4.0
Taylor Schiewe Peridot Gemstone 4.0
Cristin Embury Lantango Bay 4.0
Ava Treutler Slim Shady 4.0
Jessica Meilleur A Midsummer Night's Dream 4.0

Open Entry

Rider Horse Points
Hailey Gahan A Sanfte Mohn 12.0
Kayla Bushell Redemption 6.0
Allie Busch Given Gold 5.0
Derek Jackson Cosmic 5.0
Hannah Oro Such A Boy 5.0
Kim Holt Dazzling Frontier 4.0
Kristin Halsey Pequena 4.0
Kirsti Dolson Pop Rox 4.0

Regular Entry

Rider Horse Points
Stacy Miller Southern Sun 11.0
Brenda Delamont Trip the Trigger 6.0
Liana Shaw Phaukes 6.0
Laura Hornung Majors Mito Azur 6.0
Jenae Roehl Baywatch 6.0
Jessica Meilleur A Midsummer Night's Dream 5.0
Minea Hill Elantra 5.0
Mackenzie Hoffman Heathcliff 5.0
Calais Schneider Galavant 5.0
Ava Treutler Slim Shady 4.0
Linnea Mckercher Carrera 4.0
Eden Kreutz April Lilly 4.0
Chloe Racle A Rose a Rio Eh 4.0
Brooklyn Holt Rayna Dawn 4.0
Sheilagh Anderson Gaelic Green 3.0

Open Pre-Entry

Rider Horse Points
Morgan Martin Alberta's Northern Lights 12.0
Kim Holt King Leonidas 10.0
Becky Galbraith Curtain Call 6.0
Casey Cole Rosie 5.0
Lindsay Nowicki Abriella 4.0
Niki Elash No Jack 4.0
Sharon Roberts Willows W B Yeats 4.0

Regular Pre-Entry

Rider Horse Points
Karen Tomlinson Regal Jewel II 12.0
Declan Hutcheon Silver Sassy 9.0
Allison Benoit Malie 6.0
Brooklyn Holt Rayna Dawn 6.0
Madeline Comeau Cloud Nine 6.0
Ella Treutler Blondie 5.0
Jenae Roehl Baywatch 5.0
Kendra Zimmerman Skyelark 5.0
Nicole Bonneville Carbon Copy 5.0
Mikayla McCarthy That Funny Feeling 4.0
Mary Jane Brown Zoticus C 4.0
Madison Quinton Austin Powers 4.0
Nicole Sheldrake Imagin 4.0
Theresa Coombs Dakota's Wind 3.0
Joanne Cameron Devon Ridge Diva 3.0
Sheila White Zips Big Guy 3.0


Rider Horse Points
Reese Macpherson Noddy But Nice 7.0
Megan Davies Devonridge Dublin 6.0
Ella Treutler Blondie 6.0
Brooklyn Solomon Pikkolo Player 6.0
Faith Solomon Scout 5.0
Trista Bacon Johnny Cash 5.0
Lara Valentina Ehrle Slew Lucky Lee 5.0
Jessica Schwieger Copper 4.0
Lauren Crandlemire Maverick 4.0
Jaryn Scheck AB Caparina 3.0
Veronika Smits WKM Welldone 2.5
Addison Lentz Fizzy 2.5
Tiara Chambers Absolutely Full of Pine 2.0
Anna Houck-Monk Diamond 2.0

Team Competition Results . . .