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Alberta High Performance Eventing Program 2018

Alberta Horse Trials is proud that 2018 marks the eleventh year of the Eventing High Performance Program. This program is funded jointly through a generous grant from Alberta Sport Connection and the AHTA; in association with the Alberta Equestrian Federation.

The Eventing High Performance (HP) Program is aimed at identifying and developing Alberta riders, horses and coaches. Riders, meeting the membership criteria, are invited to register in the program for the following season. Active Eventing coaches are welcome to audit all HP riding sessions at no charge.

As far as we are aware, this is the only such program for Eventers in Canada. This program does not supply full time coaching. The members are expected to be in a program with their own coaches. The members receive support from the High Performance Coach/Consultant by attending clinics and educational sessions organized through the High Performance Program. They are encouraged to bring their coaches to audit the riding sessions so that a Training Program can be developed and discussion can be had regarding what may be lacking in the rider's individual training program as they move up the levels to start training and competing at the upper levels of Eventing.

The High Performance Coach/Consultant for 2018 is Leahona Rowland, from Kelowna, BC. Leahona's resume. The High Performance Chairperson is Kathleen Ziegler. The High Performance Committee will consist of the current Coach/Consultant; the current HP Chairperson; a current Senior rider and 1 additional person involved with High Performance (could be a rider or a parent).

Our members have had many educational opportunities this year that included attending the Alberta Sport Leadership Conference. We also had sessions with Mental Performance Consultant Kara Stelfox B.Kin.(Hon.), M.A., CSEP-CEP; Physio Therapist Sandra Sokoloski BScPT, CGIMS, FCAMPT; Social Media Behaviour/Promotion with Paige Dinnie; and Coaching Certification Q and A with AEF Coaching CoOrdinator Erin Lundteigen. Clinicians for the riding included Canadian Eventing Team members Jessica Phoenix and Kyle Carter; US Eventing Team member Matt Brown and HP Coach/Consultant Leahona Rowland.

Membership in the High Performance Program is open to Active (including "New") and Alumni HP members. Criteria is as follows:


For 2018, membership is based on the following criteria:
• Member in good standing with Alberta Equestrian Federation and Alberta Horse Trials and 1 of the following:
• Successful completion of 1 or more FEI CCI or CIC 2* or 3* competitions in the last 3 years
• Successful completion of 1 or more Advanced or Intermediate National Horse trials in the past 3 years
• Successful completion of 1 or more FEI CCI or CIC 1* competitions in the last 2 years
• Successful completion of 3 or more Preliminary Horse Trials (same horse/rider combination) with National qualifying scores, obtained in the last 2 years
• Jr or Young Rider: 4 or more Training level horse trials (same horse/rider combination) with National qualifying scores obtained in the past 2 years and planning on competing, in the future, at the North American Young Rider Championships **
• Special Circumstances: In special cases, a membership extension of one year will be considered for HP members, by the HP committee. Any HP member may apply, but a letter of explanation and justification should be delivered by November 15th by email, to the HP Chair (ahtahighperformance@gmail.com). As an example, a member may no longer qualify for membership due to horse injury. They could apply for a 1 year membership extension.

** A Letter that includes a Declaration of Interest in joining the HP Program must be submitted to the HP Chair via email, no later than November 15, 2017. A letter of support from the rider's coach is also required.


• Previous Canadian Team members
• Previous HP members who meet the following:
 Active EC Coach
 Active EC Official

All High Performance members are expected to follow the Equestrian Canada Code of Conduct and Ethics. Coaches are also expected to adhere to the Equestrian Canada Coaching Code of Conduct and the EC Coaching Code of Ethics.

The High Performance Program Committee reserves the right to remove a member from High Performance should they fail to adhere to said etiquette. If there is a possible conflict of interest (ie a family member or a Coach) involved with the decision making process - that person must excuse themselves from the proceedings.
- violation of etiquette can include, but is not limited to:

1) if an HP rider is given a red card at any Horse Trial or FEI Eventing Competition, no matter the location
2) if an HP member, who is a Certified or Uncertified Coach, is seen to be in strict violation of the EC Coaching Code of Ethics or EC Coaching Code of Conduct while attending an EC or AHTA sanctioned competition or activity
3) if an HP Rider or Coach (Certified or Uncertified) is seen to be in strict violation of the Equestrian Canada Code of Conduct and Ethics while attending an EC or AHTA sanctioned competition or activity

Please complete the Application Form and submit it to the HP Chair prior to November 15, 2017. The Registration Fee of $150 will be collected once funding has been confirmed by Alberta Sport Connection/Alberta Equestrian Federation, for 2018.

2018 Registration Form (pdf format)