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The AHTA and the High Performance program is incredibly excited to announce the talented group of riders who will be representing the Alberta and Canadian Eventing communities at the upcoming Event at Rebecca Farms! We want to congratulate the following riders who will be competing for Team Alberta, and representing the red & white on this prestigious international stage!

The AHTA High Performance Program is offering riders a chance to be part of a "true" team experience at The Event at Rebecca Farm July 19-23, 2017 in Kalispell, MT. This is open to anyone (junior, senior, adult amateur) and presents a unique opportunity to represent both the Albertan and Canadian Eventing communities on an International stage.

Jessica Kerschbaumer - Like a Girl
Shelby Friesen - Stormin Norman
Julianne Kemper - Cover Girl
Sara Zulyniak - Scarlet

Training Team 1:
Makana Hilton - Hudson
Kylie Strate - Whiskey Whisper
Mikayla Hoffman - Eli
Christie Lewington - King's Ransom

Training Team 2:
Sarah Graham - Last Shaded Moon
Morven Smith - California Sunshine
Anna Rekrutiak - Lady Antebellum
Jenn Smart - Aloan

Lauryn Hemmerling - Skip to the Music
Mackenzie Hoffman - Heath
Taiya White - Spring Fling
Regan Todd - Lasso's Lucky Lili

Novice Team Alternate: Derek Jackson - Cosmic

Team Coach: Leahona Rowland, AHTA High Performance Team Coach
Team Manager: Paige Dinnie

AHTA High Performance would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the following sponsors for their support of our competitors, and the Alberta eventing community!

Extreme Tack
HorseWare Ireland
Wire to Wire Equine
Vetoquinol / Equistro

Congratulations again to all of our riders - we look forward to watching your represent Team Alberta at The Event at Rebecca Farms!

How the team was chosen . . .

The team scenario will be set up to give riders the opportunity to go through the motions of a team competition experience, including qualifying for the team and working with your team mates. Each team member will be expected to stable with their team and be present for scheduled activities such as Team Jog for soundness, Educational Sessions and Course Walks.
Team riders will receive free coaching from HP Coach Leahona Rowland (if they wish) and Alberta Team Swag. If you do not wish to use Leahona as your coach - you may use your existing coach (at your own expense).
The number and levels for the Teams will depend on applications received. However, we should be able to field a team for Novice (PreTraining), Training, and Prelim. Intermediate will also be included if there are enough applications received for this level.

A Team will consist of 4 riders at the lower level and 3 or 4 at the Intermediate level.

Final Team Selectors will include: Kathleen Ziegler AHTA High Performance Chair; Nancy Watson AHTA President; Ulrika Wikner AHTA Vice President; Julie Simard HP Committee Member. In the case of a tie - James Alliston will make the tie breaking decision.

Team Spotters: that is a secret!


The Sponsors, at this time include AHTA High Performance Program/Alberta Sport Connection; Vetoquinol; Kerrits; Extreme Tack; Horze and HW Ireland.


Riders will qualify based on their show results from 2016 and early 2017 and "spotter" observations.
We have had some secret Team spotters that were present at the AHTA Clinics that have already taken place and at Chase Creek. They will also be attending the Beaumont Event, Cochrane Event, and various AHTA Clinics in June and beginning of July.
Each Team will include 1 High Performance rider (if there is one available) and the remaining team positions will be filled based on Show Results and Spotter Observations.
If you competed at a lower level in 2016 and are wanting to move up in 2017 and be considered for the higher level Team - you need to fill out the Application Form with all of your 2016 Results (even though they were at a lower level) and your 2017 Results.

The Application will be a 2 step process.

First, complete the following Nomination Form. Deadline for this is June 15 (however, the sooner the better!) Once a Nomination Form has been received, an Application Form will be sent to the applicant.

2017-AHTA-Rebecca Farm Team Nomination Form and Information (pdf)

Second, complete an Application Form which will include all of your show results from 2016 and 2017. Deadline is June 28, 2017, after the Cochrane Event. The form must be completed fully or it may not be considered.


Teams will be announced July 2, 2017 via email and Social Media


**Enter Rebecca Farms as you normally would, including where you would like to stable if you were not on an AHTA Team. We will contact Rebecca Farms and ensure a block of stalls will be set aside for our Teams and will be in touch with them when our teams are finalized.